Developing solutions for the cloud that combines performance and cost benefit

Technological competition between companies is increasing fastly and has become a key factor for business success.

As IT professionals became more popular, the software development market got saturated and the reliabity is questionable. Technology is advancing rapidly, the options are many, and is difficult to know what is trustworthy.

the best looking is not necessarily the most efficient, nor the most innovative the best option

The foundation of Softuse (previously called DUX Cloud) comes from a background of cloud-based application development and e-commerce for the corporate market, as well as software development for research institutes in the aerospace and nanotechnology field.

With this in mind, Softfuse relies on the importance of quality and offers solutions with excellent cost-benefit.

technology used on the wrong way can result in loss of money and market

We bring our knowledge, experience and responsibility to the market to offer solutions that are worth the investment.

Some features of our services

Performance and objectivity

we focus on being objective in meeting customer needs, ensuring quality and good performance.

Simple, sophisticated and pleasant design

by default we develop applying a clean, responsive and professional design, dedicated to user experience.

Robust code, integration and processes

we use appropriate architecture and integration standards for each use case, providing a robust solution.

High quality providers

we use the best in the market, ensuring execution time, security and performance.

Transparent customer relationship

we offer different business options, clarity on prices, and keep close relationship.

Cost benefit

we provide quality and performance at a fair and affordable price.

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